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If you have been diagnosed with neuropathy in your feet, or if you have symptoms of neuropathy such as pain, pins and needles, numbness or weakness, you may qualify.

In order to be a part of this exciting clinical trial, please fill out the form below, or call 770-427-2799 to set up your free screening and find out of you qualify to participate.

The Clinical Trial


When and Where

Enrollment is open and we are accepting new participants on a weekly basis.

All research is conducted at the following location:

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Who We’re Looking For

This trial is specifically for peripheral neuropathy of the feet.
Qualified candidates must have either been diagnosed with neuropathy of their feet or exhibit symptoms such as pain, numbness, tingling or weakness.
All potential candidates must pass an eligibility screening prior to beginning the trial. There is no cost for the screening.


Duration of Treatment

We need patients that can fully commit to the trial; both in the clinic and the at-home protocols.
To participate you must commit to 4 weeks total; 4 treatments per week. (Mon-Thurs)
In addition to the clinic treatments, you must commit to strictly follow our at-home protocol; which consists of 10 minutes of daily, gentle, exercise and twice-a-day dietary supplements.

About Peripheral Neuropathy

painful feet

Neuropathy usually starts out silently and undetected.  You may have minor numbness or tingling that is so subtle that you barely even notice it.  This occurs because the nerve endings are beginning to die.  

Unfortunately, it rarely stops there.  Typically, the symptoms worsen over time.  The next phase is that you may experience extreme pain as the nerve endings continue to die.

People often experience pain that is so intense that the weight of a bedsheet on their feet causes excruciating pain.  This painful stage may last for weeks, months or even years.  Sometimes this painful phase ends and the person starts to feel some relief.

Unfortunately, the relief comes as the nerves continue to die.  The pain is gone because the nerves are gone!  This is the beginning of the most dangerous phase of peripheral neuropathy.


painful feet

This phase is the most dangerous because a lack of nerves and sensation can lead to injury.  Many people with peripheral neuropathy suffer injuries that they are completely unaware of.

These injuries are usually difficult to heal, mostly due to poor circulation.  Oftentimes these injuries are what lead to amputation of toes, feet or legs!

Don’t let this happen to you!!  Most people think that PAIN = PROBLEM, so if there is no more pain, the problem must be gone too, and they don’t even realize (until it’s too late) that they have little to no sensation in their feet.  If you “used to have neuropathy” but no longer have pain, please call today for your free screening to be a part of this trial.  Don’t wait, call now! 770-427-2799

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